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Back in 2015, I was approached by a couple of long-time PTG team members about collaborating with them on some painting projects and spending some time in their PTG community.  After spending a bit of time there, I could instantly tell that PTG was a team full of great people ... as well as some seriously talented people when it comes to Forza games.  I was offered a spot on the team before long and jumped at the opportunity.  

That ended up being a great decision as I have been a dedicated team member ever since.  The PTG team is really a unique one in the Forza world if you ask me.  It's a low-pressure atmosphere where you are free to do what you want and enjoy the games in your own way.  There is always plenty of activity with projects, events, and race series regularly going on at PTG.  I have made some great friends at PTG who I consider to be my brothers and our relationships extend beyond just sharing a game together.

In terms of being a part of a supporting and fun group that has helped me improve my skills and enjoy the Forza world more than I could on my own, being invited in to the PTG team has been the most significant thing to happen to me since entering the world of Forza.

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